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Home Remedies

In the U.S., at least during the 1930s through much of the 1950s, money was a scarce commodity. Times were tough for most Americans. For many, paying someone to work on their truck or car was not an option. If you owned a vehicle, you or a close friend often became the mechanic.

Out of necessity, home remedies were invented using everyday household equipment. We hope you will find it interesting to see some of the repair techniques used by your grandparents during a different economic time.

  1. Rubber Cushion Protects Spark Plugs
  2. Twisted Drill
  3. Economy Overloads
  4. Hood Silencers made from Rubber Erasers
  5. Heavy Stud Bolts Removed with Lathe Dog and Lever
  6. Plumbers Friend Removes Headlamp Lenses
  7. Roller Skate Aids in Changing Heavy Tires
  8. Hand Pump Tests Automatic Spark Adjustment
  9. Curtain Rod Gauge Measures Wheel Toe-In
  10. Brake Bleeding
  11. Running Cool
  12. Battery Cables
  13. Bad Globe Sockets
  14. Accessory Wiring Hint
  15. Self Oil Check
  16. Timing Light Tip
  17. Silicone Rubber Gaskets (from a tube) The Radiator Repair Shops Friend
  18. Greasing
  19. Quick Oil Filter Check
  20. Help with Mirrors
  21. Wooden Blocks
  22. Points / Relay
  23. Removing Rivets
  24. Static Electricity
  25. Protect Chrome
  26. Shielding End of Starter Cable to Prevent Short Circuits
  27. Repair Tubeless Tires
  28. Steering Ball Joints
  29. Head Gasket Leaks
  30. Side View Mirrors
  31. Valve Spring Test
  32. Fuel Line Blockage
  33. Compressing Valve Springs
  34. Coil Testing
  35. Rattling Gear Lever
  36. Broken Key Removal
  37. Hide the Key
  38. Nuts Molded from Epoxy Cement
  39. Want Additional Gauges?
  40. Squeaky Glass

The above repair remedies are from Restored Cars. This excellent bi-monthly Australian magazine features special cars and trucks of earlier years. They can be contacted by calling 011-61-3-5476-2592.