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parking lights chevy gmc parking lights chevy gmc boat motor truck turn signals not bright
Clearance lights expensive? Maybe use 1940 park lights. Outboard motor leaking? Secure it to a tailgate when traveling! Turn signals aren't bright? Just add a larger light!
protecting tail light homemade bumper protecting tail light homemade bumper panel truck home with vent pipe panel truck home with vent pipe
Protecting the tail light in a home made bumper. No turn signal on your panel truck? Drill a hole and add a universal. No place to live? The vent pipe in this 1954 panel tells the story.
mirror mirror mirror mirror
Need a right mirror arm? Place a left arm on the right door. Use a wire for extra support. A 1950 Panel with hardware store swing-out windows! Six tie downs on one bedside should be enough? A metal plate secured to the rear bumper makes a Trailer Hitch.
mirror mirror mirror
Broken lock on your panel truck? A hardware store can help! When you do not have the proper defroster attachment for the base 1938 heater, a Prince Albert tobacco tin will make a great substitution.
A hollow rod slides over the mirror arm gives an extension. Weld a hook on the tailgate and you have a tie-down. Leaking Heater Core?
Simply cut and cap the heater hoses!
A pull knob and cable fit just right in a radio blank out hole of the 1947-53.
1954 speaker grill
Need turn signals?
Put holes in the fenders for trailer lights.
Mice get into a stored cab through the large starter boot floor hole. The bottom of a fruit can stops this. You may save gas driving with a vacuum gauge, so cut a hole in the dash and install. Cut the speaker grill on your 1954 and add a new radio.
Really home-made! A bent strap and a light makes a turn signal. Check out these parking lights! Adding a large bumper requires removing a section of grille for parking light.

Add West Coast mirror but don't' remove original mirror arm. Strange!

 With a good metal bender, you can make bedsides and fenders. Look at the plug in the intake manifold. We are totally lost on this one!

Throttle choke bracket missing? Make one!

Trim coming loose?  Find some metal screws and it's back in place. Need upper shock mounts? Weld a steel angle to frame rail. Oops, the shocks are upside down!

Four headlights may be twice as good! The horn is louder outside the engine compartment A rotten rear fender and it still keeps water and mud off the bedside. Running board rust holes are easily covered with formed diamond plate.

Broken leaf springs? Weld a plate to the 1946 axle housing and add used coil springs. Amazing! Out of short carburetor bolts? Use a long bolt and two nuts to fill the space Lost your Gas Cap? A rag will have to do!

Though these repairs below are not on older trucks, it seemed so related to show that some people are still using "Field Engineering" repairs with whatever is under the kitchen sink!

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