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1965 Chevrolet 1/2 Ton

Friday, September 1st, 2017


Here is a Feature Truck of the Month that was truly saved from the salvage yard. It had been outside deteriorating over 20 years behind the out of business Dellwood Dairy in Copiague New York (on Long Island). Because of some mechanical problems it had been left in the back lot of the abandon dairy.

Now enters Vinny Tumminia of nearby Lindenhurst that had once worked for the dairy making daily milk deliveries in the neighborhoods. (We would have called him a milkman) On his way to his US Post Office job each day he passes the empty dairy building and always notices the tired ½ ton in their back lot. It brought memories of his younger days as a dairy delivery person. He dropped off milk and related products on front steps of homes between 3 am and 9 am so the glass bottles were always there when the customer got up in the morning.

One day after passing the empty dairy building on the way to the post office, it just hit him. Now with just a little disposable income, why not try to buy the old delivery truck, get it running and use it for driving to work? (Just for old time memories).

Therefore, one Saturday Vinny began to hunt for the widow of the once owner of the dairy. The search was successful and he became the pickup’s second owner for $200.00. It was towed to his home the next day.

Vinny’s excitement now began to grow! The more he looked at it the more he wanted it better than a very rough driver to get to work. He had seen 1965 Chevy ½ ton’s at local car and truck shows and they were so nice. He would change course, take his time, and as money permitted restore it to be new again!

As parts were removed, another item was usually found that also needed attention. When he got down to totally worn out body mounts and the cab needing lifting to replace them plus bed wood and cross sills a total loss, it was time to get to the bare frame rails. Thus, this would now be his oversized model kit.

The pickup’s condition even got worse when rubber parts of a few old floor mats were removed. Surprise! Water had been in the cab so many years from a damaged windows. All floors and rocker panels had to be replaced. That was in addition to both cab corners that he already knew about. Six months in the body shop. (As Vinny said, he saved it from the crusher!)

The frame became even better than new. It was transported locally to be sand blasted and then to a powder coating company.

On weekends and many evenings each week for three years, Vinny was in his garage building his new truck. In the first year he knew it could not stop the project. The pickup was in so many pieces in his 12’ x 24’ garage and in the back yard. To try to sell it at that time would have brought him scrap metal price per pound for abut the $200.00 he had first invested. This wasn’t going to happen but he sure hoped he did not accidently walk out in front of a bus! His very supportive wife, Elizabeth would even have an additional loss, with iron parts filling the garage and yard. Where would she sell all of that stuff?
Three years later it was beautiful. It became Vinny and Elizabeth’s new 1965, ready for Sunday drives and local weekend car shows.
Factory available upgrades were added as chrome bumpers and grill. The largest expense was eliminating the factory 250 six cylinder engine plus 3 speed column shift transmission. The replacement was an optional factory 283 V-8 and 4 speed transmission that he found in Central Kansas. It was all shipped by truck line to his home in New York.

Color is Teal Green and updated modern deluxe wheels make the total package just right.


After many years outside delivering the US mail in New York, the cold winters became less enjoyable. Many below zero days and snow blowing sideways was becoming a real challenge! So because most towns have a post office he was able to transfer his job to the south. Vinny and Elizabeth now live in Melbourne, Florida. What a change! Their “new” little ½ ton now goes to car shows in winter more than summer. They had it hauled from New York in a large enclosed truck. No extra miles place on the odometer. This ½ ton has never had it so good.

What’s the future plans for another restoration? They just completed a 3 car garage behind their Florida home. We suspect he wants to be ready, just in case another special vehicle comes up for sale.
Nice view!

How did Vinny have the confidence to think he could build this 1965 (destined for the crusher) with never doing a restoration before? There was a reason. Check the following and see how his early years made it all possible. This is

The Rest of the Story.

School is out for summer and 11 year old Vinny Tumminia is usually riding his bicycle around the neighborhood. By chance he stops by a local auto repair shop and asks if he can now mow their over grown yard.  (A little spending money is always nice).

To Vinny’s surprise the owner Richard Fellner said yes. The mowing was done so well, Richard said “See you next week and you can mow it again”.

This began a 3 year relationship that molded Vinny’s interests in life. Soon he was sweeping the shop, carrying out trash, and doing misc. clean-up projects in this repair shop near his home. Richard was impressed with Vinny’s upbeat attitude, wanting to learn about cars, and being on time when it was necessary. This opened a new world for Vinny. He loved every minute of being in Richard’s shop.

Then a great opportunity occurred the next summer. The shop’s one employee left for another job and Richard needed help until he could find a replacement. Vinny was ready to tackle any auto repair. He just needed guidance. In addition to continued yard mowing, Richard taught him light jobs like oil changes, tire rotation and lubrication of car and pickup suspension, etc. Vinny was like a sponge and he did not forget!

This would be his summer and after school enjoyment and very close to his home.  He would even help Richard on numerous more difficult repairs like replacing a clutch, pulling an engine head and removing a radiator.  Of course, Vinny became the number one mechanic for his family’s sedan.

Thus, a 1965 Chevy ½ ton setting for 20 years did not scare him. He already knew how to replace parts and how to diagnose problems.


It is so interesting how one little occurrence can point us in a different direction for life!

This is certainly such an example as Vinny ask to mow a yard!

All looks good.

Optional V8 engine

Sitting in sunny Florida

Signs on the new side racks

1967 Chevrolet 1/2 Ton Step Bed

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

What an “attitude change” for this ½ ton! It moved from a stock long bed fleetside to a nice custom short stepside ½ ton in about 3 months! The owner and responsible person for the work is John Toon of Sugar Creek, Missouri. As his first major truck transformation, we feel he has created a very different “breed of cat” in record time. It will be his daily driver and certainly a pickup to catch the attention of others.

While having a 1955 Volkswagen Beetle, his first fun car, he began to getting attracted to owning a late 1960’s Chevrolet pickup. So many car and truck magazines gave John ideas on what could be done with a limited budget if you do most of the work yourself.

Here is what happened between about mid-May and late August 2016. John found a 1967 long bed ½ ton fleetside in a local advertisement. This is because he gave up trying to find a 1967-72 Chevy short step bed (what he wanted the most) as they are the more difficult bed to find. He said “I will build my own short step bed! All I need is this long bed to start the project”! This driving white long bed pickup did not last long once John got it home. It was soon disassembled to the bare frame and his major makeover was underway.

Here are some surprises you find when you take apart 50 year old pickup:

1. The fenders and doors were previously repaired and needed to be replaced and the cab corners, rocker panels, and floors were repaired by John.

2. The frame assembly above the rear axle and under the bed was rusted so much a replacement would be required. To John’s surprise, the parts he needed were the same as far back as 1960! He then found a 1963 ½ ton chassis with no bed or cab. John ended up splicing the rear half of the 63 frame with the front of the 67 frame. The replacement included cutting 12” out of the middle and 8” off the rear. Once professionally welded the pickup had the correct 1967 short wheel base length. John says that all fit together perfectly!

3. Half ton long bed. The rust was major all around the bed edges, bed bottom, tailgate, and front bed panel. All was beyond use. John could care less! This problem only allowed him to negotiate a better price when it was bought. His plans were to install a new short step bed (all the parts are now available).

4. Radio Dash Opening. This area had been cut larger to install an aftermarket sound system years ago. No problem for John. He wanted an updated radio so a Pioneer unit fit perfectly.

5. Gas Tank. He removed the behind the seat tank and added one especially for the 1967-72 ½ ton under bed and behind the differential. Advantage: He now had the space to install the many speakers for this new sound system.

6. Paint. Here was a big surprise! The truck’s attractive appearance is from less than $60.00 in Rust-Oleum satin black paint purchased at a local hardware store. With a little thinning, it was sprayed to give this nice look John wanted.

7. The Mechanicals. Here is where John was lucky. The long bed ½ ton had a good running 327 V-8 engine, original 4 speed transmission, and 3.73 ratio ring and pinion in the differential. Extra expense was adding power steering and power brakes. Of course, the driveshaft, exhaust, brake line, and brake cables had to be shortened.

8. Glass. As John got deeper into this big project he decided to replace all the glass and eliminate scratches from the past 50 years. This was made official the day he broke the original windshield trying to install it back in the truck by himself. The new replacement was installed by a glass company!

Yes, what started to be a low cost transformation changed as the need for replacement parts increased. Even so, John Toon now has a short step bed he wanted and at so much less than buying one of the same design on the open market.

Even more amazing is that John, almost with no help, could make his creation in about 3 months.

More about John Toon’s Talents:

John has a metal and wood shop that allowed him to transform his 1967 pickup. However, there is another talent that he has developed over the past 10 years. His other big enjoyment has been the bass guitar. As his talents with this guitar became very advanced, he wanted a certain style of custom made bass guitar that he could not afford. The cost of these custom made guitars is very expensive.

Therefore, he started building his own and now offers them to the general public. This has been his second job for 10 years. He markets hand crafted custom guitars at a price most can afford. The quality of workmanship, the sound and feel of his guitars place this product up with those that advertise high quality.

A touch of John’s wood working talent is also shown in his “shift knob creation” on his rebuild 1/2 ton.   It was made on his wood lathe and is oak with a black ebony center. Nice. Check John’s website for the best in bass guitars and about his 1967 step bed at: www.toonbass.webs.com

New bright work sets off the front



Nice Wheels. John painted the orange

All wood parts created in John’s shop


New power brakes

Replacement Windshield

Completed dash and new carpet

Vinyl dye makes seat a new color!

Speakers in space when gas tank was removed

Last year for 1960-67 design armrest!


Bare cab after new panels

Two frame rails welded together

Extra side plate on frame rails for safety after welding

The short frame completed after changeover to 1963 identical rear assembly

Under bed replacement gas tank


The way John purchased this long bed

Looks good until you get close


Tinted plastic sunvisor “See thru” to lesson glaze

John’s Oak and Ebony shift knob

A bungee cord woven in the chain links

Bungee cord pulls all back in place

John’s new side boards (His creation). He can make them for you!

One little extra John decided he needed. To give him some additional clearance with the steering wheel, he shortened the steering shaft above the “rag joint” 3 inches. Not noticeable to most!

1962 Chevrolet 1/2 ton 4×4

Monday, December 1st, 2014


Imagine having 53 year old Chevrolet ½ ton driven only 20,000 miles. Almost unheard of! The proud owner is Nelson Good of Stanley, Virginia.

The pickup is a 1962 Chevy 4×4. It’s very unique features are a 261 cubic inch inline six cylinder (the last year for this large six), a 3 speed on the column, and deluxe cab! What an unusual configuration. It certainly had to be a special dealer order from the factory. We doubt very few that year ever left the factory with this combination.

Nelson, the third owner, knows this trucks history. Reasons for this unusual combination fall into place after hearing his description.

Grafton Lee Ogden purchased this 1962 truck from the B and M Chevrolet Co. in Winchester, Virginia in December 1961. He, his wife and a young nephew, Robert Prangle, lived on a small nearby livestock farm. When Mr. Ogden decided to purchase a new 4×4 pickup, young Robert quickly requested it have a V-8 and a 4 speed transmission. The wall posters in the dealership showed some high performance new Chevrolet cars with very fast V-8’s and 4 speeds.

It appears Mr. Ogden did not understand that a truck 4 speed and car 4 speed were totally different. He told young Robert he could help pick the new truck options but no V-8 engine or 4 speed transmission.
Therefore, the 4×4 came with a full deluxe package, red paint, a 261 six cylinder engine, and the standard 3 speed column shift transmission (somehow Robert got Mr. Ogden to order the big six cylinder and not the standard 235 six cylinder).

Now enters the third and current owner of this special 4×4, Nelson Good. He bought it from young Robert, the second owner, who obtained it from Mr. Ogden’s widow in 1988. At that time the odometer registered 19,410 miles.

Ten years later when Nelson became its new owner it was a 19,856 mile ½ ton. In 10 years, now middle age, Robert had driven it only 446 miles! Nelson is protecting it with the same limited use. In the 6 years of his ownership the odometer has turned just 314 miles.

The truck is stored in Nelson’s large home 36×50 garage with his other collector vehicles such as 1956 Chevy 210 sedan, 1967 Pontiac Grand Ville convertible and 1966 Chevrolet ½ ton short bed.
The truck has required little to make it one of the best. The tailgate had two dents and these were repaired with the gate repainted. New tires and Chevrolet chrome hub caps were added.
A set of Fenton Headers and a warming kit plus seat belts are accessories that seemed just right for this larger 261 six cylinder engine and for safety.

The bed was given another coat of black paint. Nelson left the paint chips in the wheel well as a remembrance to the many pigs, sheep and caves that were once carried to and from the market by the original owner with the white wood stock racks that were used for that purpose. Note the Photo.

Just look at this untouched interior. It is a guide for a 1962 purist. The anodized aluminum trim and grill are like the day the truck left the dealership. The sound from the AM radio is perfect. Mr. Ogden’s 1962 truck is now in good hands, much better than when it was carefully used on the farm.

This is one of the few older vehicles that should never be restored. It is so pure, it is an example of how Chevrolet sold it over 50 years ago.

All original paint and trim

Only the tailgate has been repainted!

Pure original four wheel drive!

Out of garage for the photo

The original farm racks installed for a photo

The bed with a new coat of paint

Nothing changed on this 1962 interior


20,167 Miles!

Chevrolet’s largest six cylinder, a 261.

Only the Fenton headers are aftermarket

Deluxe cab has large back windows

1969 C-10 Pickup

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Owner: Mitch Jarvis

This little 1969 C-10 pickup drove off the assembly line in Janesville, Wisconsin, sometime in May of that year.  It appears to have been bought for work duties.  Possibly for a government due to almost no options and the orange color.  Its history is a mystery but for sure no upgrades had occurred during its 44 years.  Someone welded in a few new body panels but that was all.  It was just used and used until the deteriorated wiring stopped the engine even starting. And then it was put aside for either a later buyer or the crusher.

Now enters Mitch Jarvis of Independence, Missouri. A well placed ad caught his attention.  He had been looking for a 1969 Chevy truck (year he was born) for a restoration project but wanted no part of a pickup restored. To get one just the way he wanted he knew he must start from the frame up.  Just like a big model kit! This ½ ton had even lost its bed along the way but the deciding feature was its short 115’ wheel base. This is what Mitch wanted to make it a short wide fleet side pickup.

The before and after photos give no question to the start and finish that he made a clean classic short bed ½ ton.  Mitch did almost all the work himself in 2 ½ years except for the painting.  What a project!  Considering he had not restored another vehicle in the past, this is amazing!

The following is Mitch’s story of creating a pickup that most enthusiasts would be proud to own.

When I bought the truck (eBay) in 2009 it was pretty much stripped and the wiring was a mess (I assume there had been an electrical fire at some point as many wires were melted together). There were several boxes of pieces and a pile of oddball parts to sort out. There was no bed that came with the truck.  The previous owner had welded in several replacement pieces on the cab floor, replaced corners and the rocker panels too, so some of the heavy welding was already done.

The biggest challenge to get it up and running was trying to figure out the wiring.  Every wire seemed to have melted, or it had been spliced multiple times, or it had been cut.  The column was also a mess and I had to cannibalize from an extra column I had.  I worked the cab over and got it in primer, added a duel muffler set up and drove it as a “half truck” for about 18 months while I collected parts for the bed (the tail lights, which were really boat trailer lights, were mounted hillbilly style on a 2×6 board bolted to the frame).

I bought a used steel bed floor and wheel-wells for the bed, had them sand-blasted and covered with Line-X bed liner. The sides, front bed panel and tailgate all are after-market pieces bought from Jim Carter Trucks.  I thought it’d be unique and coat the floor and wheel wells with the bed liner but paint the inside of the bed. I do like how it looks, but I’ve since scratched the paint in several places (after all the pickup was built to use).  The truck required new cab mounts all the way around to get everything lined up and new bushings in the doors (they were plastic… I couldn’t believe that, plastic!).

When it was time to paint I knew I wanted green, but I couldn’t find the “Lime Green” that was offered that year except in an economy grade.  So, I went with the very similar “Frost Green” which is original in 1969, but on Chevelles, not the C-10’s. The top and door panels are Antique White.  Creative Classics in Independence, Missouri did the finish body work and paint.

I built the truck as a daily driver, not a show vehicle.  I wanted it to have a clean and classic look, so I didn’t add trim or a lot of extra chrome.  I wasn’t too concerned with having everything exactly original, (the headlight bezels in 1969 were black to match the grill, but I liked the chrome better) and the truck has numerous aftermarket parts.

It’s been great fun to build (still not 100% finished) and the truck gets lots of comments at stop lights and in parking lots.  When I admire some guy’s new Silverado, I like to ask them if he it will be on the road 45 years from now; they mostly just grin.

Jim Carter Trucks has been a great local resource for me as I’ve required both new and used parts, they’re real professionals and have been a lot of help.

During Paint Removal

During the Disassembly

Finally Completed

Look, No Radio!

Nice Bed Liner Combo

Clean Tailgate

Fancy Wheels

1961 GMC Suburban

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Owner: Clyde McKaba

Another rare truck for our Feature Truck of the Month series!! A 1961 GMC is unusual in any body style but this style is now almost non-existent. Imagine this; a 1961 GMC Suburban with factory 4×4! It has the original 305 V-6 engine with stand alone transfer case (not attached to the 4 speed transmission).

The owner is Clyde McKaba of Abbeville, South Carolina. His love for GMC’s began in the mid 1970’s while working six years for a dealership in his home state of Massachusetts.

Clyde found his 1961 Suburban about two years ago in Spokane, Washington and had it transported to South Carolina. He has papers on the Suburban’s history including the past three owners and most repairs. Very unusual for all prior owners to have kept all their records. It is said GMC sold about 200 Suburban’s with 4 wheel drive during the early 1960’s. Clyde’s is one of the only survivors due to hard use, abuse, accidents, and the results of rust from damp air in most states.

It was purchased new in Springfield, Missouri with a list price of $4,146.75. Almost a $1,000.00 above the base price of the Chevrolet Suburban. See attached window stickers and invoice. Records show it was then licensed in Colorado, a popular state for 4 wheel drive trucks. As Suburban’s are usually people haulers, this unit was probably used by a family as a driver. The lack of air conditioning was no problem in the high country of Colorado!

Original Invoice

Original Window Sticker

The next owner kept the Suburban in eastern high desert country near Spokane, Washington. Once again it was kept by the owner in dry climate all year.

Clyde says in 2009 it had its one repaint and was kept the factory color; Mediterranean Blue and White. The upholstery now has cloth material on the three original seats. All 4 rear quarter windows slide open. It is difficult to believe the mileage is only 115,000 (about 2,200 miles per year) and records show no major mechanical repairs. The Suburban gets 10 to 12 miles per gallon, which is about usual for these large V-6 engines. No rust so no replacement body panels have been used. Thanks to Clyde, it is being kept in excellent condition and remains a part of history. An excellent example of how they were in 1961.

Clyde McKaba is also a recent proud owner of a near perfect 1966 GMC ½ ton with 351 V-6 engine. This was our company’s first feature truck July 2000. Clyde can be contacted at: cmckaba@centurylink.net.


1961 Deluxe Chevrolet

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Owner: Paul Bremer

It’s 1965 and 10 year old Paul Bremer often rides his bicycle near his home in Seward, Nebraska.  One thing he always admires is the neighbor’s 1961 Deluxe Chevrolet ½ ton.  They had bought it new and wanted the best.  Few 1961 Chevrolet trucks were equipped with this amount of trim and it always caught Paul’s attention.  He often watched them cleaning and waxing this pickup by its garage.

Over 20 years later in 1985, Paul received a call from the local Chrysler dealer.  The owner had heard of his love for older vehicles in this medium size Nebraska town.  They had just received a 1961 Chevy truck as a trade on a new car that week.  They had no interest in keeping a 27 year old pickup in 1988 even if it had only 30,000 miles on the odometer.

What a surprise!  When Paul arrived at this Chrysler dealership, he quickly realized this was the pickup that had once belonged to his neighbors, the truck he had admired during his bicycle years.  In less than an hour he was the new owner.

His project was to bring it back to its glory days.  Some repairs were needed after many years and with great enthusiasm Paul started the transformation.  During the very detailed clean-up he removed two seat cover layers to expose the undamaged deluxe seat.  Shag carpet (popular in 1960 homes) had protected the factory rubber floor mat.  New original Chevy hub caps were finally found and replaced the aftermarket chrome wire wheel covers.  The bumpers were re-chromed.

To remove chips and related paint damage the lower half of the body was sanded and painted the correct Pure White.  The tailgate and wheels were refreshed with the original color Tampico Turquoise.  The correct white wall tires for 1961 were installed.

All the rare deluxe trim is mint condition.  Accessories included the fresh air heater.  At some point in time the original radio was replaced.   A NOS radio will be re-installed.  The original 283 V8, column shift 3 speed transmission, suspension and 8 foot bed are unchanged.

Paul occasionally drives his special truck but only in nice weather.  In fact, during the last 25 years it has only been on the road 10,000 miles.  This was mostly to special interest auto and truck shows in surrounding states.

A special comment on Paul’s love for older vehicles:  In past years he has accumulated about 6 mint condition trucks with extremely low mileage.  Several additional vehicles that have been driven further are also part of his collection.  He also gradually has collected large quantities of very special new and used original parts.  Most will never be reproduced.  Paul knows what to look for!

Where does he keep all these special trucks and parts?  A closed Chevrolet dealership in a small town near Paul’s home came up for sale.  Yes, you’re correct, he bought it!  All his toys and parts can stay inside out of view.

You can contact Paul at:  paulspickupparts@windstream.net.

1964 Chevrolet

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Owner: Mike Light

1964 chevy truck

1964 Chevrolet

Strange but true! This 1964 Chevy 1/2 ton is a rolling autograph book. Due a patriotic feeling, owner Mike Light of Independence, MO decided to use his primered truck to collect the signatures of war veterans and active military.

He currently has the names personally signed of 151 veterans from WWII through the Iraq conflict. A few businesses help fill in some open spaces. Mike has gathered this data in only three months.

What an eye catcher when you see this truck beside your vehicle at a stop light!

1964 chevy truck 1964 chevy truck 1964 chevy truck

1964 chevy truck

1967 Chevrolet C30

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Owner: Dan Kosteiny

1967 chevrolet

As luck would have it, I found this rare 1967 Chevrolet C30 pickup on eBay just 80 miles from home. I saw a reference to GM having built pickups with a nine foot stepside bed in an old dealer brochure. Surprised, I punched “9 foot box” into an eBay search, and this truck popped up. When I went to look at it, I knew I had to have it. I told the seller to pull it off eBay, as it was MINE!

I bought it from the second owner, Tim, who had inherited it from the original owner, an old family friend. Tim had first learned to drive in the truck before it was handed down. Originally purchased for Skagit Valley Sheet Metal, north of Seattle, WA, the truck was at some point fitted with a large cabover camper, so the bed wood and bedsides are nearly perfect.

I purchased the truck with just over 90,000 mikes on it. The truck is completely unrestored. It still wears the original paint, has the factory cloth and vinyl seat, and beige rubber floor mat, all intact. It came with the owner’s manual, the protecto-plate, factory build sheet, etc, all in the factory plastic envelope. It is equipped with a 283 cu. in. V-8, compound low 4 speed and 4:57 rear gearing. It is optioned with Heavy Duty auxiliary rear springs, HD battery, HD alternator, HD radiator and a front stabilizer, so it’s one tough truck.

What I find most unusual about this truck is the appearance upgrades it received. You would think that a 1 ton, nine foot stepside pickup would be purely a work vehicle, but this truck was ordered as a “Custom”, with the additional stainless trim, panoramic rear window, chrome hubcaps, and chrome front and rear bumpers. I believe this truck was a special factory order, and could perhaps be one of a kind. I’m amazed Chevy ever built this truck. It’s on it’s own 133″ wheelbase frame, and rides on 17″ split rims which are specific to the one ton pickup. According to the Chevrolet Pickup Red Book (Motorbooks International), Chevy built 526,776 light trucks in 1967, but only 4,026 were 1 ton stepsides – a fraction of one percent.

The only thing I’ve done to the truck is re-do the factory split rims, and remount the old 7.50 – 17 bias ply truck tires. Somehow, I found a full set of NOS chrome hubcaps on eBay. I plan to keep it as original as possible, for as long as possible. All it hauls now is dog! Jim Carter has not been able to sell me a single part yet, but he knows he’ll get me on my 14 other old trucks!

Dan Kostelny
Olympia WA

1967 chevrolet 1967 chevrolet 1967 chevrolet

1967 chevrolet 1967 chevrolet

1967 Chevrolet

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Owner: Dennis and Bonnie Wegemer

1967 chevrolet

Hello to all! Here is our 1967 C10 with a 1993 step side bed. This is owner built with a 305 tune port 700R4 trans from a 1988 Trans Am. It has a tilt column, Dolphin gauges, billet gauge panel and glove box, classic under dash AC, hidden hitch, front and rear roll pans, Ansen wheels, and lots more.

This truck is Corvette Red and shares a garage with a 1956 Chevy truck, (which is Denny’s daily driver — he has put over 53,000 miles on it in the past four years), and a 1948 International Harvester panel truck, 1934 Chevy Sedan, Bonnie’s 1955 Chevy Belair Sport Coupe, and my new baby, 1977 Gremlin. Don’t hate!

Here is a link to other photos of the truck: http://public.fotki.com/sassychevy/1967chevyc10forsale/

We are in our late 50’s, and have been playing with cars since the 60’s. Denny has his tinmansgarage (his hobby shop-man cave), and Bonnie has her woodworking shop (her tree house). Denny is a machinist and fabricator by trade which makes it cost effective to play with old cars and trucks.

Denny and Bonnie Wegemer

1967 chevrolet 1967 chevrolet 1967 chevrolet

1967 chevrolet 1967 chevrolet

1961 Chevrolet Deluxe

Monday, October 1st, 2007

Owner: Greg Scott

1961 chevrolet deluxe truck

Have you ever seen one of these? Few were produced, almost none have survived.

This 1961 Chevrolet V-8 1/2 ton is one of a small percentage that came equipped with the deluxe trim package. Though most pickups at that time were standard work trucks, GM realized there was a small growing number of buyers that had a desire for a little extra on their truck.

This deluxe package not only included the unique stainless steel side trim (only available in 1960-1961) but also a stainless windshield molding, chrome bumpers and hub caps, plus rear cab trim panels behind the door window. Chrome dash knobs, right and left inside sunvisors, and a deluxe steering wheel added to the package.

Our feature 1/2 ton is owned and was mostly restored by Greg Scott of Independence, Missouri. The reason it was ordered new with such deluxe features was the needs of its original owner. A combination funeral home and cemetery operation in California used it for 30 years. They wanted the best appearance in the truck they used. The original paint was light blue and white. Greg kept the two tone paint division lines just like the original, but changed the truck color to red and white.

He purchased the truck two years ago from the second owner in central Missouri. This person had thrown away all the trim, but at least the attaching body holes remained. The long search for this trim leaves only one piece now missing. The horizontal right door strip has still not been located. Can anyone help? Yes, he knows the correct 1961 hub caps are needed. They are still on his want list. Greg says he has personally spent over 80 hours repairing the used stainless trim he found from various sources. While watching television in the evening he slowly removed dents, did surface sanding and polishing. The results are great! The photos show he placed this trim in just the right position.

The bed was removed and only the bare cab remained on the frame. All was sand blasted and then the slow assembly began. Fortunately, its 30 years in California had prevented body rust. It was like putting together a large model kit that lacked some of it’s parts.

Owner: Greg Scott 1-816-836-0960

1938 chevrolet 1938 chevrolet

1938 chevrolet 1938 chevrolet 1938 chevrolet

1938 chevrolet 1938 chevrolet 1938 chevrolet

1961 Chevrolet Apache

Monday, January 1st, 2007

Owner: Bob Rhea

1961 chevrolet apache

Here’s a recent photo of my 1961 Chevy Apache 1/2 ton, 98% on-frame restoration. Original 235 6cyl “Blue Flame” engine, Power Glide tranny.

1964 Chevrolet

Sunday, October 1st, 2006

Owner: Gene Satterfield

1964 chevrolet pick up truck

This truck restoration took a considerable amount of time due to the repair of a lot of body rust. Thanks to the availability of parts from your company and the skilled work at the body shop I am pleased to say that the body is all steel (no fiberglass or bondo). All of the material received from Jim Carter was correct and of good quality.

This truck was my father’s service truck that he used in Florida and was free of rust. After my father died the truck was given to my son who brought it up to central NY where the winter salt wreaked havoc on the cab floor and corners. My son was going to restore it after 4 years of use and another 3 years of sitting outside in the weather doing nothing. I bought it from him and decided to return it to its original state which was a green plain jane with no chrome. My son received a flyer from Danbury Mint featuring the C10 Custom in White over Blue paint. My son said “Dad that is what the truck should look like.” So I bought the Danbury model and changed my approach to what you see in the pictures.

The engine, which is a 230 c.i., was in excellent condition and did not require any overhaul. The truck must be an eye catcher based on the many compliments I have received. I am pleased with having done business with you.

Gene Satterfield
North Syracuse, New York

1964 chevrolet 1964 chevrolet 1964 chevrolet

1964 chevrolet 1964 chevrolet 1964 chevrolet


1969 Chevrolet C20

Thursday, September 1st, 2005

Owner: Glenn Sexton

1969 chevrolet pick up truck

I recently obtained this 69 C20 as an inheritance. The previous owner bought parts from Jim Carter Classic Truck Parts. It’s all original with a 350 and automatic. I’ll be redoing the interior as soon as I get previous projects complete. This truck still has the sticker in the glove box that describes the options.

Glenn A Sexton DM
Hayden Station

1969 chevrolet pick up truck 1969 chevrolet pick up truck

1968 Chevrolet

Sunday, August 1st, 2004

Owner: Terry Green

1968 chevrolet pick up truck

Just thought I would send you a picture of my ’68 Chevy pick up. Maybe you could use it in a future catalog. I bought a new wooden bed kit ,some chrome grill parts and other misc. items from your company, and the service was great!! . …everything on my truck is stock ,except wheels from ’85 blazer. It has a 6cyl. 292 engine and automatic transmission. I drive it every day to work. GREAT TRUCK!!!!!!!

1963 GMC

Tuesday, October 1st, 2002

Owner: Gary Ameling

1963 gmc pick up truck

Here are my pics of my 63 GMC Custom Longbed 1002. 305 V6 original with 85000 miles. 4 sp on floor. Truck is painted 1984 VW MARS RED. Original wood bed in good shape

Thanks, Gary Ameling

1963 gmc pick up truck 1963 gmc pick up truck 1963 gmc pick up truck

1963 gmc pick up truck 1963 gmc pick up truck 1963 gmc pick up truck

1963 gmc pick up truck


1969 Chevrolet

Friday, February 1st, 2002

Owner: Danny Curran – St. Louis, MO

1969 chevy pick up truck

I bought my truck from a guy in Illinois. It was halfway done and I completed it. I put the tires and wheels on it, rebuilt the motor and transmission, put all new chrome bumpers on the front and rear and new mirrors. The motor is a 350 Corvette with a 280 Comp cam, Keith Black pistons , and a 750 Carter carburetor. I’ve been working on it about 4-5 years. I just put a disc brake conversion on it too. Also all new bushings, front end parts, and all new rear parts. It has a 400 turbo transmission with a 3000 stall speed converter. Its never ending, all the cool stuff you can do to these trucks. DANNY C. ST. LOUIS MO.

1969 chevy pick up truck 1969 chevy pick up truck 1969 chevy pick up truck

1966 GMC

Saturday, July 1st, 2000

Owner: Ed Snyder

1966 gmc pick up truck

My truck is a 1966 GMC three quarter ton pickup with a short Fleetside bed. This truck came to me with the original factory build sheet showing a build date of 6-6-66, and factory equipped with the optional 351 cubic inch V-6, turbo 400 transmission, power steering, power brakes, 4.10 locking rear end, heavy duty springs, and custom cab. It was originally a two-tone truck, green and white, but I had it repainted a 1973 Cadillac color, Sage Metallic. It has just over 50,000 actual miles on it. I’ve owned it for about 5 years. I bought it from a neighbor who had bought it at the estate sale of the original owners about a year before. It was in great shape – no rust and no dents.

About a year ago, I finished a complete restoration of this truck which took me about 18 months. The running gear (engine, transmission, rear end) was in excellent condition, due to the low mileage. The paint, however, was badly oxidized. It now has far more paint, and far better quality paint (Sikkens) than it left the factory with. Although the truck is stock mechanically, I took the opportunity during the restoration to perform some comfort and cosmetic upgrades, such as: carpet with heat-resistant sound-deadening mat underneath it, carpeted door bottoms and kick panels, new seat padding and upholstery with inflatable lumbar supports, tachometer and clock, electric fuel pump, chrome plated valve covers, Thermo-dyne coated exhaust manifolds, dual exhaust, interior tailgate latches with cables to replace the original chains, spray-on Armacoat bedliner, and hitch receiver built into the original step bumper.

I’ve taken it to many car and truck shows since the restoration was completed. It’s won trophies or plaques at nearly every show, including second in class at the West Coast Truckin’ Nationals in Paso Robles, California in March, 2000.

During the restoration process, I acquired catalogs from about a dozen of the largest Chevy/GMC restoration parts suppliers across the country. I tried ordering parts from most of them, just to see how they compared in price, service, and parts availability. Although I had a couple of bad experiences, such as my credit card being charged right away, but waiting several months for the part after being told it was in stock, most of my experiences were good. I must say, though, that my experience with ordering from Jim Carter was unsurpassed – great customer service, quick shipment, and quality parts!

Ed Snyder

Editors note:

I learned that GM didn’t build any short bed 3/4 ton pickups. When I asked Ed about his truck being a short wheel base 3/4 ton, he sent me the following e-mail. Nice truck Ed.


…. This truck is definitely a three quarter ton short bed. It came from the factory as a long bed (127″ wheelbase). I shortened the frame 12″ behind the cab and cut another 8″ off the tail end. The wheelbase is now 115″, and a short bed bolted on perfectly when I was done. I don’t know if anyone else has ever done this, but it draws a lot of attention at the car and truck shows it’s been in.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Ed Snyder


On December 6, 2012 we received notice that this special 1966 GMC has a new owner. Clyde McKaba will now be its caretaker. He also has a 1961 GMC Suburban 4×4. How unusual. Clyde can be contacted at: cmckaba@centurylink.net

1966 gmc pick up truck 1966 gmc pick up truck 1966 gmc pick up truck

1966 gmc pick up truck1966 gmc pick up truck 1966 gmc pick up truck

1966 gmc pick up truck 1966 gmc pick up truck 1966 gmc pick up truck