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Cameo Leads the Pack on the Alcan Highway

A Cameo leads the Chevy Truck six pack on the Alcan highway in 1957. For this one time General Motors used this 1,520 miles between Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada to Fairbanks, Alaska (two years before Alaska was made a U.S. state).

Their engines were never shut off during the 45 hour run! It was all a dirt and gravel road except for a short strip south of Fairbanks. The U.S. had built this road so our military could have access to Alaska during WW II in case of any invasion by Japan.

The Chevrolet Cameo was kept in front all the way with an almost bullet-proof 235 inline six cylinder engine.

For a 1957 GM Video of this dramatic run through the wilderness with blinding dust, rain, hail, and treacherous washouts inbetween, check the video section of our website at The Task Force champs took it all in stride with no break-downs.


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