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Tech Articles for 1934 - 1946 Chevy and GMC Trucks


1934, 1946 Chevy, GMC Trucks
Frame and Chassis
Gas Tanks
    Interior GMC Paint
Sheet Metal
Side Mount Spares
Speedometers and Gauges
Split Rims
Suburban/Panel Truck
Wheels and Covers


Accessory GM Reflector
1946 Chevrolet 2 Ton with Thornton Drive
An Inner-Line Oil Filter
Re-circular Heaters and Rubber Defrost Fan Blades
1939-1946 Overload Springs
1937 Heater Accessories
Mirror Accessories


1941-46 Bedside Improvements
Wood Bed Strips
1938 Complete Wood Bed
1940-1946 GMC Metal Bed Bottom
1940 Tailgate Hinge
Truck Beds...Black Wood
American Ingenuity

Brake Cables, Drum Wear, System Changes

Brake Cables
Brake Drum Wear
Brake Pedal Pads - True or False?
Brake System Changes

Cabs, Heaters, Dash Panels and More

The Demise of 1935 High Cab Pickups
1936 Cabs
1936-1938 Cab Windlace
1936-1939 Glove Box Lock
1936-1946 Seat Adjuster
1937-1946 Deluxe Heaters
1939-1946 Deluxe Cab
1940-1946 Dash Trim
Early Dash Panels
Firewall Identification
Leather Gas Grommets
No Pedal Pads
World War II Accelerator Pedal
World War II Cab Changes
Wax Your Rusty Truck

Door Handles, Panels, More

1939-46 Panel Truck Rear Windows
1934-1946 Door Handles
1934-1946 Door Hidden Bumpers Cushions
1936-1946 Door Handle Mystery
1939-1946 Suburban and Panel Doors
World War II Door Handles
1936 High Cab Doors
1934-46 Chevy and GMC Door Latch

Electrical, Horns, Ignitions, 6 Volt Starting

1934-36 The 20 Year Chevrolet Horn
1941-1946 Horn Parts
Early Ignition Wire Protection
Six Volt Truck and Car Owners. A Must Read
Applying 12 Volts to a 6 Volt Starter
Dents on Original Horns
6 and 12 Volt Alternator
1930's and 1940's Chevrolet Truck Typical Wiring System

Frame and Chassis

1939-46 3/4 Ton Rear Bumper Braces
Frame Horns

Gas Tanks

1939-46 Under-Seat Gas Tank
1934-36 Chevrolet Low Cab Gas Tank Positioning
Economical Gas Tank Cleaning
1939-46 1/2 Ton Suburban/Panel Gas Tanks
1937 to Early 1938 Chevrolet /GMC Gas Tank and Seat Cushions
Leather Gas Grommets


1937 Chevrolet Grill Attachment
1937-38 GMC Lower Grill Bar Support
1937 Chevrolet Lower Bar
1939-40 GMC Grill Bars
1936-1938 GMC Grille Centers
1939 -1940 Chevrolet & GMC Grilles
1939-46 Grilles
1934 Grill Verticals
1941-46 Chevrolet Pickup Grill Guard
1939-1940 Chevy Crank Hole Cover


1941 Chevrolet Panel Truck Interior
Wood Floor Edge Protection in Older GM Trucks

Lighting, Switches, Bulbs

1934-36 Chevrolet 1/2 Ton Taillight Bracket
Before Dual Filament Headlights
Change-over to Sealed Beam Headlights
4 Speed Back Up Light Switch
6 Volt Bulbs
1936-46 GMC Taillights
Early Park Light Assemblies
1940-46 Map Lights, All Trucks Had Them!
Headlight Reflector History
Early Headlight Bulbs
1941 Park Light Lens Retaining Bracket
1937-38-39 Headlights - Car Verses Truck
Early Chevrolet Taillights - Car or Truck

Mechanical, Engines, Timing Gear, More

Engine Vacuum Leaks
Short Shaft Water Pump Discussion
1938 GMC 1/2 Ton Engine
Chevrolet Engine Oil Pump Screens
1937 or Older Pressure Plate Adjustment, Chevrolet
1938-1953 Clutch
1946-1972 Ring and Pinion
216 Oil Leaks
Chevy and GMC Engines
Closed Drive Shafts
Differential Vent
Early Gas Tank Changes
Engine Dust Pans GM
1937-1954 Fan Blades
In Cab Gas Tanks
Leather Gas Grommets
Motor Oil in Old Engines
Muffler Tech
Okie Bushing Installation
Original Engines Must Breathe
Sloppy Floor Shift Lever
Timing Gear
Water Pump Modification
1938-1953 Clutch Pressure Plate - WARNING
1937 GMC Pickups, US and Canadian Differences
Fan Blade Trivia for Most 216 Engines
Valve Cover Trivia
1954-62 Chevrolet 235 Power Glide Hydraulic Valve Lifters


World War II Cab Changes
World War II Accelerator Pedal

Misc., Headers, Long Beds, More

1936-46 Crank Out Windshield Handles
Ground Hogs and Dirt Floors
The Demise of 1935 High Cab Pickups
1934-35 Australian Chevrolet 1 ½ ton
Mice Love Old Chevy Trucks
1918-1933 Truck Tech
1934-1946 Truck Tech
1936-1942 Coupe Pickup
1937-1938 Australian 1/2 Tons
1937-1946 Deluxe Heaters
1939 Right Hand Drive
Big Truck Front Bumpers
Demise of the GM Panel Truck
Early Gas Tank Danger
First GMC Light Duty
Home Made Garage
GMC 1/2 Ton Long Bed
Lost Bumper Bolt
Lost Engine Numbers
Solving Bad Gasoline Problems
Screw On ID Plates
Trees and Trucks
White Wall Tires
Wider Wheels on 3/4 Tons
1937 GMC
Early Woven Cloth Hood Lace
Double Engine Numbers
Side Mount Spare Tire Bracket
The New 1937 Canadian GMC Pickup
WD-40 Who Knew?

Paint Colors, More

$100.00 Paint Job --- Really Nice!
1936 GMC Grill Housing
Conservative Paint on Early Trucks
Engine Paint
Interior Colors, Chevrolet 1940-46
Hammered Paint
Paint Colors-The Early Years
Wax Your Rusty Truck

Interior GMC Paint

Sheet Metal, Fenders, More

1936 Fender Change
Premature Body Rust
1940 Tailgate Hinge

Side Mount Spares

1936 Side Mount Spare Differences
1934-36 Side Mount Tire Clips

Speedometer and Gauges

Speedometers to Go...

Split Rims

Split Rim Wheels

Suburban/Panel Truck

1947 GMC Suburban
Early Panel Truck Bumper

Suspension, Shocks, Axle, More

Early Rear Axle Bumpers
Lever Action Shocks
Front End Alignment at Home
Low Cost Front Suspension Upgrade

Trim, Hub Caps, More

Counterfeit Hub Caps
Early GMC Hood Side Trim
Hub Caps, Used 15 Years
Unique GMC Hood Ornaments
1935-36 GMC Hood Side Emblems
1937 GMC Hood Side Emblems

Upholstery, Seat Covers, More

1937 to Early 1938 Chevrolet /GMC Gas Tank and Seat Cushions
1939- 1946 Replacement Seat Cushions
Seat Cover Kits

Wheels, More

Split Rim Wheels
Believe It or Not
1936 1/2 Ton Wheels
After Market Wheels on Older GM Trucks
Artillery Wheels

Windows, More

1939-46 Panel Truck Rear Windows
1939-1946 Door Windows
Ghost Windows
Swing Out Windshield
Window Handle Escutcheon


1939-1946 Electric Wiper Motor