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The Jim Carter Truck Parts Company is dedicated to serving our customers. Although we strive in every way to make your visit to our website and your purchases the best experience possible, there may be something we can do to make it better.

That is why we ask you to send us your suggestions.

We listen to our customers.

What one thing could we do to make your business with us better?

Help us add improvements that you feel will allow our business to be more customer friendly!

Please contact us with your suggestions by using our email form. We are interested in your opinions.

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Jim Carter Truck Parts has helped countless Chevy and GMC truck enthusiasts over the years. Projects from Antiques to Vintage and classsics. Hotrods to Streetrods and trendy projects like Ratrods and Ugly trucks, even Trailer Queens and Low Riders. No matter what you want to create or restore Jim Carter Truck Parts has most of the items you need for your 1934-1972 Chevy or GMC truck project... Call 1.800.842.1913 Today!
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